Thought Leadership

We all want to work with people we trust.
With the glut of AI-created content being produced today, live video is an amazingly effective way to build trust and earn leads.
Thought Leadership is specifically for executives and founders who want to optimize the number of leads they can drive, while making the most of both their budget and time.

The Content Machine

This approach is specifically designed to maximize the output of content while minimizing the input of effort.


We work to target guests who are a mix of industry influencers, existing clients and key prospects. This keeps thought leaders top-of-mind by creating engaging and unique content for social platforms.


We manage these campaigns geared for strong returns from your budget by leveraging social media and banner ads that will not only drive leads, but will integrate directly into your Hubspot account to ensure updated tracking, targeting, and lead capture.

Earned (SEO)

We leverage organic SEO opportunities through the video interviews and content created from it, to build a new, optimized landing page each week for your site. This unique content will help set companies apart and rank in Google’s search results.

Our Expertise

We handle the hassle of putting on a great production, taking care of everything before, during and after the show.

Before the event we schedule guests, setup and test of audio, visual, and technical connections, and create your company’s branded, on-screen graphics and nameplates
Event Production
During the event we direct audience questions and comments to enhance the live audience experience and handle all technical aspects of the events so you can focus on the discussion
Post Production
With event content we summarize and post edited videos to YouTube, build unique landing pages on company site, upload clips and post them to company’s social media, and craft weekly newsletters highlighting the content you are creating
Weekly Content
The core of the content machine is a live video interview that lasts 20 to 30 minutes.
This consistent, unique content helps build awareness of the company's brand, while having an incredible discussion with your audience and establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Streamlined Weekly Output:

Build out a landing page on company site, based on the content from recorded video

Write and send an email newsletter discussing the past event and upcoming events

Reach out to industry influencers

Create, post and share on company LinkedIn highlighting next week’s event

Create, post and share a LinkedIn post, on company page, highlighting learnings from the live event

Cut and edit video to post to YouTube from the live interview